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thoroughfare still shut at this hour. >>> 6:01 on this friday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. chilling new video of the cupertino gunman who went on a deadly shooting rampage then terrorized a neighborhood. we are learning more about his violent past. taina hernandez is live in the -- terry mcsweeney is live in the neighborhood where the manhunt ended. >> reporter: he was a living contradiction, it would happen he talked about domestic violence wrote a book about it but was accused of committing it. he talked about peace but died violently. some of the video comes to us from cameras at this arco station at homestead and wolfe road. shareef walking with a rifle he also had a handgun on him tuesday morning, this is after according to police he had shot nine people at the cement plant in cupertino killing three. then shot a woman during an attempted carjacking in sunnyvale. all day and night search ended 7:20 yesterday morning. deputies spotted him. >> our deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect. the suspect was armed with a handgun. all three
>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. police are explaining why they used force on protesters last night. including firing tear gas at least five times. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney near city hall protesters still on the scene. some have been here all night. a far cry from what we saw last night as amy was talking about. tear gas was fired, after police say they were hit with projectiles. story coming up. >>> good morning. see how clear it is?) becoming around the bay area, winds kicking in. >>> wednesday morning commute, a little fog down the golden gate bridge. a couple of areas you should be aware of. >>> it is wednesday at 5:00, thank you for starting your day with us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a few protesters still milling around after their group was difficult event out by police firing tear gas in several clashes yesterday. they may be gearing up to do it again this evening. terry mcsweeney is live in frank ogawa plaza to tell us what people are tweeting. >> reporter: we've got two dozen protesters still out here. i was talking to the
:00. a moving and shaking thursday morning for sure. thanks for join us i'm kristen sze. >>> a whole lot that shaking going on. i'm eric thomas. that breaking news, did you feel it? there it is on the seismograph 30 minutes ago a magnitude 3.6 quake hit near berkeley the epicenter east of memorial stadium. we felt it roll through the studio here in san francisco. we've had viewers calling in saying they felt it in marin, albany, san mateo. no reports of any injuries or damage. >> for more on this morning's quake we are joined by a doctor from uc berkeley's seismology lab not far from the embassy center. katie is heading to berkeley we'll -- we'll have more coming up. let's do bring in the doctor to talk about how this quake was 3.9 then downgraded to 3.6. can you tell us about the science and how you felt it? >> it woke me up this morning. i knew it was roughly 3 1/2 that was my first guess. i looked at the computers and the authoritative magnitude is 3.6. it is based on models of the seismic waves recorded by the earthquake as opposed to just measuring the peak amptitude which is the ea
>>> good morning. computers who use amtrak heads-up this station is closed. crews work to cleanup the aftermath of a train crash. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney at the oakland police department. could a controversy in the department from 11 years ago have played a role in the resignation of chief batts? >>> i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. what offshore wins will mean for temperatures today? >>> live look of the bay bridge toll plaza. we will be following that amtrak delay for you with ways to get around that. >>> that means a lot going on this morning. 5 a.m. on this thursday. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. let's begin with that developing news. no amtrak service through oakland after two trains collided at the jack london square station last night injuring 16. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: the station is still shutdown. check out the scene behind me. crews are hard at with work trying to the trains moved from the tracks. they are still here. they will be offering a bus bridge this morning between this station here in oakland and the emeryville s
it wasn't us. that took me off guard usually we are used to seeing the police who have the tear gas not the protesters. >> occupy oakland is tweeting now that police have fired rubber bullets. did you see any of that going on? >> reporter: i have not seen that. we have a few different corners to this plaza that i can't see obviously. from my corner, i'm at 14th and broadway i have not seen that i haven't seen any altercations with police except for that first release of tear gas. they moved in, made arrests and they are walking them out in handcuffs. >> i think you would have heard if they were firing rubber bullets. as we are watching now, we see not much in the way of violent confrontation. can you hear what the folks are saying to police? what are they telling them? >> reporter: they were yelling at them, you are the 99%, when they first got here. police were yelling back in has been declared an unlawful assembly and we will move in and arrest you. at first there was a bunch of chaotic screaming. it was almost as if they were gearing themselves up, shouting and yelling and cheeri
are still camping out at city hall, defying the city's deadline to get out. and president obama says all u.s. troops will be withdrawn from iraq by the end of the year. >> good morning. 7:25 is the sunrise. patchy ground fog this morning. offshore flow with five to ten degrees of warming today. >> good morning, i'm terry mcsweeney. this morning hundreds of defiant occupy oakland demonstrators are hanging out, tents and all. they have ignored the latest warnings to vacate saying they will not be forced from their peaceful assembling. >> the city spokesman said assembling is not the problem, the growing trash and rats from the 11 day sleepover is. and they believe police will use force to move in. >>> police did not make new arrests overnight in the occupy san jose protest at city hall. yesterday morning police arrested 8 people and cite add man in a wheelchair for violating the city's no camping ordinance. and we show you how that attracted more protesters last night, planning to camp out in solidarity with the occupy wallstreet movement. the occupy san jose movement isn'ting stopping, even t
:00 thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. occupy oakland ends this morning by unhundreds of police in riot gear. police made arrests. now perhaps hundreds more are showing up and police are making a movement too. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza. >> reporter: some police are moving behind me i'm curious to follow where they are headed. i can show you the plaza over there that you are used to seeing full of protesters for the last couple of weeks. now it is police that are over there you no longer see protesters, it is police. the health department will soon be moving in to clear out tents and the kitchen, everything in there they have to clear it out. police moved in about 4:30 this morning. we have a picture for you of the most confrontational situation we saw that was tear gas released. the question is who released it? we asked police why did you release tear gas on the protesters? they said we didn't, they did. i did see an officer gasping, he looked tan by -- he looked taken by surprise. however, the protesters tell us, why would we release it
due protesters. >>> a busy thursday morning in the bay area. thank you for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. is the showdown imminent in san francisco? protesters and police seem poised for something this morning. hundreds of protesters at one point amassed at justin herman plaza and reports all night that hundreds of officers may be nearby and ready to raid. amy, i drove by nobody was getting any sleep. >> reporter: it has been very active here. lots of music, lots of energy. people with gas masks on. rumors flying that police were coming. now they just made an announcement to the crowd they believe police are not coming. that they've called off the action. the mood has changed again. it got quiet for a while people dispersed a bit trying to figure out what to do next. someone has started up the music again. not as loud as before. it was a long night for sure. here's video we took last night that had everyone preparing. police looked like they were gearing up in san francisco for some type of big group large enforcement. protesters figured they were coming after th
will use one of the east bay's many bridges. we are second in the nation when it comes to bridges with structural deficiencies. terry mcsweeney is live with more. how bad is it? >> reporter: the report comes to us from the group called transportation for america. it says about 1 out of every 5 bridges and overpasses in the bay area is structurally deficient. and the federal government should not be cutting transportation spending at this time, a lot of work needs to be done. look at video we have of the san rafael-richmond bridge. one of 380 bridges or over passes listed in the report this is just in northern and eastern bay area counties. the deficiency does not mean verge of collapse it means increased inspections are needed. carquinez bridge, paving. fix what we have first before starting any new projects and have an eye on senator boxer putting together a transportation spending bill now. take a look at a list. alameda, contra costa, san francisco and marin counties, 380 of these structures. 21 of the s and overpasses need work or inspections. the -- the second highest rate in
, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. interstate 580 is open again in san leandro after being closed for ten hours during a police investigation. officers have arrested a para transit driver on a pair of felony hit-and-run and murder. police are investigating whether 31-year-old eddie hall of oakland deliberately ran down a motorist with his para transit fan during a confrontation on 580245 that ended in san leeann tremendous. we have more from the scene. >> the twisted metal jammed under the front of this para transit bus used to be a motorcycle. this marks the end of what used to be a crime scene. >> the para transit bus involved actually dragged the motorcycle for about a mile and came to rest after the 150th avenue on-ramp. >> the motorcyclist died in this collision, and because of initial reports by witnesses, police are handling this as a homicide. >> i don't know if there was any communication between the two. that's unknown at this point. and suddenly the van turned and hit the motorcycle. >> investigators are interviewing the driver of the para transit van to fi
. >> reporter: i'm amy hollyfield live in oakland. police are explaining why they used force on protesters last night. which included firing tear gas at least five times. >>> monitoring bart and ace transit rerouteing and and the rest of the commute on the way -- >>> san francisco protesters get a new warning to leave justin herman plaza or face arrests. >>> live look downtown san francisco where we don't have fog. i'll show you where it is and how long the fire danger is going to last. >>> wednesday 6:01. thank you for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. this morning police and protesters still almost face-to-face 24 hours after they first clashed in frank ogawa plaza. those protests got dangerous last night. we have team coverage. amy hollyfield has more on what police are saying about the tactics they use. we begin with terry mcsweeney with demonstrators calling for another round of protests today. >> reporter: right now few protesters remain. you can see across the street it is calm and quiet. less than a dozen protesters remain maybe 6 to 10 police officers. occasionally a pr
of us during the evening and overnight. mild because of the increase in clouds. 60s around half moon bay, mountain view, concord, antioch. by the afternoon, fairfield, east bay valleys, fremont south bay low to mid 70s last areas to see the rain everybody else in the mid to upper 60s running about three to eight degrees cooler than yesterday with less sunshine. 65 monterey, 68 santa cruz. low to mid 70s morgan hill, gillivray and hollister. you get the rain overnight, -- it will be falling apart. heaviest rain going to fall in the north bay a 10th to a quarter of an inch everybody else less. tomorrow increase in sun and warm. wednesday, thursday, friday, real warm then. another cooling trend saturday, sunday. best chance of rain today and tonight. >>> good morning. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. what we would call holiday lights. no metering lights. they may not turn those on today they typically don't when we have that holiday light traffic. san mateo -- san mateo bridge from hayward towards foster city, light 14 minutes ride. eastbound ride smooth. drive tiles: westbo
morning it is 5:01 thanks for joining us. roads, a little wet, a little slick. >> that's kristen sze, i'm eric thomas. you her sue say the rain skirted around us. that skirt is coming back longer than the skier we had this morning. >> i like. >>> good morning. it is over shooting most of the moisture, santa rosa only reportingization saying they are receiving light rain. -- reporting saying they are receiving light rain. a lot of mist and drizzle going to keep your commute on the damp sigh. bulk moved south bringing rain to southern california. i think we have a brief period of dry weather from 9:00 until 6:00 this evening when the nexus tom comes in which will bring the stronger storms, -- possibility of flooding. first the news with. >>> the apple of everyone's eye in just a few hours. the cupertino company set to unveil the new iphone. the location is a departure so is the man making announcement. amy hollyfield is live with a preview. >> reporter: they've decided to do it here in cupertino, no word on why. apple is very secretive. i can show you thanks to apple graphics you can see
wednesday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> i'm kristen sze. breaking news out of cupertino. police on the scene of a shooting four confirmed victims. >> happening at stevens creek quarry located on stevens canyon road. police have a description of the suspect. we are working on getting more information. >> he's believed to be driving around in the area. authorities want folks to be careful. terry mcsweeney is headed to the scene. >>> right now p back to what we were talking about before, wet, windy, weather. -- >>> the rain seems to be tapering, mike. >> absolutely. here's live doppler, good morning. a few sprinkles lingering around the bay area, ponding on roads. this is all moving away from us. the monterey bay, southern sections of santa clara valley to be wet for the next hour or hour and a half. once we get past that, a break for the rest of the morning into the early afternoon. april couple of waves of energy sliding down this -- a couple of waves of energy sliding down, generating lightning, thunder even small hail. this will bring brief heavy rain which won't cause
to us. >> he said it is the start after second life. he has not suffered loss of feeling or movement and it missed bone. in cupertino david louie, abc7 news. >>> friends and family came together came together last night to remember three people killed in a parking lot in san leandro. at least three people died killing lenore shaw northington, joshua alford and shan niece kei last weekend. officers say witnesses have stopped coming forward with information. they believe party-goers know who the shooters are and won't identify them. the police have released this sketch of a man they are calling a person of interest. >>> a federal crackdown on california's medical marijuana industry is infuriating some california lawmakers. they issued a statement calling president oh beam ma's policies on medical marijuana worse than president bush and clinton. that comes in response to what us attorney started earlier this week, they are taking steps to shut down large medical marijuana operations. >> the state's u.s. attorn
morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm caroline tyler. the oakland raiders play in houston today without their maverick leader. owner al davis died yesterday at his piedmont home at the age of 82. the raiders have released a statement on their website saying he was a innovator, a pioneer with a deep love and passion for the game of football. his contributions to the game are enumerable. his legationcy will endure forever. it's drawn fans young and old to the raider headquarters to pay tribute to al davis. we have more. >> reporter: balloons, flower, and a raiders jersey. these are the silver and black bits of memorial orium they continue to build. >> i feel like an orphan right now. i feel like the father of our football team just passed away. >> the death of al davis has stricken a usually rowdy group silent. and here at headquarters, devoted fans take a knee, bring flowers, and add their signatures to a poster in honor of a man who turned the rough and tumble raiders into more than just a financial team. for fans it's a way of life. >> how long have you been a raider fan? >> al
saturday morning in a carjacking. police have not identified us is expects in any of those shootings. >>> oakland mayor kwan has announced her plan to reduce violent crime by focusing on 100 of oakland's most notorious city blocks. police will target areas that account for nearly all of the shootings and homicides in the city. the department is promising more foot patrols, youth employment and job training and better relationships with neighbors to prevent and solve crimes. >> we are taking existing resources. committing them to this overlap, saturation in these neighbors, concentration in these neighborhoods. because we are making that commitment, it will be sustainable. >>> interim police chief is counting on a state grant to accomplish the mission. >>> at least the second time in a machine vandals have again on a tire-slashing spree. -- neighbors estimate 50 to 100 vehicles were hit over the weekend. police have no suspect information. the damage was contained to a 24 square block area. >>> ground will be broken today on a major reservoir project to improve. >> 's emergency water
in october, thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. san leandro police pleading for the public to help find a gunman who kill three and injure three outside a party this weekend. amy some of the victims are teenagers? >> reporter: they are. the father of one is asking for help. he is devastated that his daughter is gone and she suffered such a horrible death. his daughter 19-year-old was one of three kill. a 16-year-old girl and 23-year-old man also died. they were shot just as a huge warehouse tattoo party was wrapping up saturday. ended early sunday morning. police have not may any arrests. they say they need witnesses to come forward. victims of the relatives are also hoping for justice. >> appealing to everyone that was there. if you saw anything, please call the san leandro police and help us solve this crime. that's my only child. >> reporter: the party was advertised online. it cost $10 to $20 to get in. from 150 to 400 people were there. police would like to talk to the organizers. officers say they should have had a per me. three die, three hurt and -- h
rate in the u.s., 1 in 88 homes in the state received a notice. a sign that banks are moving more aggressively against borrow are -- borrowers who have fallen behind in payments. >>> several businesses, churches and neighbors in san jose found effective way to protest against corporate america and what they are calling corrupt banks. they are withdrawing money from two of the country's biggest banks and putting it elsewhere. a community group is behind the divestment strategy. the gel to increase loan modifications. most holy trinity -- catholic church closing two accounts with bank of america and moving three million dollars in annual account activity to a credit union. >> we have 5,000 or more families in the parish. the word spreads. the word will spread i hope it makes a . >> bank of america says it has modified for than 193,000 mortgages in california since 2008. wells fargo has also been targeted. >>> this morning two hikers imprisoned in iran will meet with secretary of state clinton. the state department is not releasing details of the meeting. both bauer and fattal acknow
to us, but she hasn't responded so far. she posted $15,000 bail sunday and pleaded not guilty before a san francisco judge thursday afternoon. ironically the assemblywoman is married to alameda county superior court judge dennis hayashi. abc7 news. >> state finance director is facing a dui charge after being stopped on suspicion of drunk driving in sacramento friday night. she was a top advisor to governor brown. she took responsibility for the incident. she said her actions were reckless and irresponsible. she call the governor to apologize. >>> for a second year a bar caught unsuspected criminals on surveillance tape. it shows two people walk away from a jewelry store after a diamond bracelet and bengals were stolen. the same security police caught a man who stole a picasso drawing during a crime. he pleaded guilty yesterday. >>> today a 52-year-old bales bonds man will have his funeral. he was shot to death while attending a finial for hell's angel jeffrey pettigrew on the 15th. today's funeral is by invitation only so it's expected to be much smaller. the time of the event is bei
morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. especially in the commute department. we begin with a messy, fowl problem that has grounded the commute to a halt. >> some drivers may feel fried. >> why did the chicken cross the road, right? this is a problem that is ongoing vacaville a jacknifed chicken truck still in the two right lanes. there's a brief delay because the two left lanes are getting by, chp originally estimating noon for this cleanup. they are now saying it will be ahead of schedule. not giving us an eto. but ahead of schedule. if you are heading in this direction and it does begin to jam up, pena adobe to the frontage road back on 80 at north texas. earlier bart problem recovered to 10 minute delays system wide because after earlier problem at west oakland that is returning to normal shortly, according to bart. drive times this morning, highway 4 getting to be a grind towards concord, 580 out of the central valley still a nice drive. 101 highway 37 to 580 moving well. >>> 6:02 now. we begin with a manhunt underway in richmond. police lookin
that is affecting your commute. >>> 5:01, thank you for ending your week with us. i'm kristen sze >>> i'm eric thomas. look at occupy oakland's camp outside city hall and wonder why police chased them out earlier this week. the camp is back this morning, bigger than ever. that is not good for the reputation of mayor jean quan. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland to tell us more. >> reporter: i just got a chance to walk around frank ogawa plaza in front of city hall. it is not bigger than ever. there are 30 tents now that is not new. there is something new out here. look at video we shot a few moments ago. what you are going to see is a tribute to scott olsen the former marine, former iraq war veteran. he was injured in the protest. they are trying to figure out if i was a projectile from the police or -- if it was a projectile from the police or someone else he's in fair condition in the hospital. tents have been set up again. mayor quan trying to address the assembly out here last night, half the people seemed to want to hear from her, half didn't. she ended up not talking. we got a chance to
. >>> monday, also columbus day, 6:01. thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. this morning dozens of new laws on the books signed by governor brown last night. one ran need to upset gun -- one is guaranteed to upset gun rights supporters. >> reporter: starting january 1st, leave your guns home. governor brown has signed a law making it illegal to openly carry a handgun if public. anyone caught violating faces up to one year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. earlier this year gun advocates organized open carry organizations in the east bay where several intentionally displayed unloaded guns in coffee shops and restaurants. advocates argue they have the right to carry the weapons under the second amendment. the governor sided with laugh. police chiefs and sheriffs -- with law enforcement. police chiefs and sheriffs say i was not safe they said it could spark violence and waste officer's time responding to false calls. the governor signed several new laws last night. we'll tell you how they might effect your children. >>> 6:02. there's been an evection -- an evi
. >> good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler a massive policeman hundred has ended in mendocino county and law enforcement officials and north coast residents are expressing relieve. aaron bussler was armed and dangerous and wanted for two local officials in august. yesterday they tracked him down in the men seen no county redwoods 60 miles east of fort bragg. he was shot to death by members of a s.w.a.t. team. we have details and reaction from fort bragg. >> reporter: 35-year-old aaron bassler is dead. the sheriff is visibly relieved. >> this ends a 36-day really and truly terrorizing situation for mendocino county. over 40 law enforcement agencies have assisted us at all levels. >> the 40 agencies have combed the woods for a month searching for bassler. on august 24th he shot and killed 69-year-old miller, a former mayor, according to an eyewitness. he is suspected to have killed matthew coleman on august 11th, a land trust manager. the three-man sacramento s.w.a.t. team staked out a cabin he recently robbed for food and drink, much like the last cabin he was seen
. morning showers and afternoon sun. >> thanks, lisa. good morning, everyone. thanks nor joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. >> san francisco protest hers are preparing to march on the federal reserve this week as the occupy wall street gross in numbers and intensity worldwide. >> this is rome, where chaos erupted in the streets when demonstrations for yesterday's international day of action turned violent. things are much calmer here in the bay area where thousands of people hit the streets in oakland and san francisco, calling for economic change. abc7 sergio reports. >> a national day of action, thousands around the bay area took to the streets. >> i want to see less bail outs for banks and wall streets and more bailout for people. >> this boy marred with his mother, katheryn. >> it reminds me of the early days of the civil rights movement. people are really, really angry. >> they were among the droves of people who flooded through san francisco's streets. in okay band hundreds more marred downtown and paused for a rally. >> we are here because we are talking about taking back our humani
area westbound 12. update in a couple of minutes. >>> monday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and kristen sze. new epicenter for confrontations between police and occupy san francisco protesters. they've taken over herman plaza. demonstrators and officers clashed and made accusations of brutality. katie marzullo is there live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this time we still believe there were seven people arrested early this morning five for blocking streets and two for battery on officers if you ask protesters they will say they are the ones who are become abused. the -- who are being abused. the protest did move to the plaza over the weekend. protesters set up camp. police said you can stay but you cannot camp. police began the process of removing the tents and tarps. protesters blocked those efforts. throwing garbage cans debris, dumpsters and themselves into the way of the police officers and the public trucks that were trying to move away some of that stuff. in the middle of it somebody slashed the tire of a city truck. >> we have no problem with
area this morning. good advice tonight when more rain comes in. 6:00, thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. an announcement in hours from now will end months of speculation. apple expected to take the wraps off next iphone. this is different, starting with the person expected to make it. a -- amy hollyfield joins us live with more. >> reporter: we are not in downtown san francisco. we are in coup toon know apple hasn't said why could be because oracle has taken over mosconey. they've decorated to let us know what time, date, wherefore the big announcement. 10:00 this morning, right here in cupertino. we won't be in san francisco. the announcement won't be handled by steve jobs who stepped down in august as ceo because he is suffering from cancer. his replacement, tim cook, will likely lead today's let's talk iphone event. several lists floating around what people predict this new iphone will look like, what they hope it will look like and they hope it will do. apple, as issue, as kept it -- as usual, has kept it a secret. larger screen, better camera, better
. that and more coming up. >>> 6 a.m. this friday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. students arriving at one high school this morning can expect to see more police. part of the school's response after an e-mailed threat. school officials aren't sure the threat is real but taking no chances. katie marzullo is live at alhambra high with more. >> reporter: i just talked with a spokesman he said the plan stands as it has since it was put into place and as we've been reporting this morning. that there will be extra police on campus here at alhambra high in martinez because watch is being called a not verified threat against the school. as far as what happens next, he tells me that will be up to . they are in charge of what happens from here on out. -- the district is following their lead. wednesday somebody sent an e-mail to an employee at the district office. that employee is believed to have been chosen at random. the e-mail said something like, something bad could happen. again, targeted at alhambra high. police will be on campus today. student at leasts -- student athletes wil
and a lot of debris and everything in the air. >> the fire chief hu henderson tells us 45 people have been injured. >> victims injured in the collision from minor to moderate injuries, transport today local hospitals. >> officials say that the driver and a passenger of the truck the train hit are uninjured. abc7 news. >> on tuesday the east palo alto city council is going to take up the safety of an intersection where a six-year-old girl was killed this week. last night a crowd of about 50 people met outside headquarters as city officials talked with the mother. on monday the girl was walking in a crosswalk on her way to school when she was hit and killed by a driver. >> [foreign language.] >> mayor articles romero told the crowd the investigation into the accident is continuing. he added it's more important to have more police in the area rather than install streetlights at the intersection where the girl was killed. >> people living in a violence-plagued san francisco neighborhood are getting new attention from top city leaders as abc7 reports. the mayor and chief police hit the streets
. reported assaults. fire hazard because of the open flame they are using when they cook their peoples. the order is having zero impact. >> you know, we went before the general assembly, discussed the eviction we agreed it means nothing us to. we are for a reason and here to stay. >> reporter: the city order has energized the group. the group put out a statement asking people to come out and support them. they plan a rally for 11:00 tomorrow morning in that statement, it says occupy everything, liberate oakland, 11 a.m. saturday. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> the san francisco officials are doing twice daily safety patrols on the occupy san francisco encampment. fire inspectors will go through, patrols will include representatives from animal control, health and human services department and rec and parks. officials are citing a list of codes which -- with which the protesters have to comply. >> we are continuing to try to comply. even if we comply it seems the police presence is growing greater. >> volunteer nurses will provide first-aid several times a week but will not provide medi
their message through the streets again. they tell us to expect a lot of noise. >> what had been a civil occupation on the front steps of city hall became a signature oakland demonstration in the street. dozens broke off from theiren camp meant to chant their multi-facetted message. this is a demonstration that was loud and confrontational but not violent. among knows participating, stephanie and some friends who remained even after the march was over. >> impart of this because we are a part of the 99% and everything is sort of set unlike we are at the bottom of the pile. >> with her, 86-year-old ruth mcgwire. >> people need to get outraged. i'm also really happy that young people are now fighting for their own futures and i'm really out here to support them. it's really their battle at this point. >> the only stop the group made was outside glen dive detention facility and continued back to city hall. for a while a short stand off was prompted as police in riot gear stood by after an effort at crowd control. and some swept dust on police officers boots. these intense moments led to ques
going on this monk. we mean a lot. 5:03, thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. reports are coming in that gadhafi has been captured and several agencies saying possibly even killed. >> katie marzullo is following the story in the newsroom. >> reporter: good morning. let me preface this by saying everything we have at this point is only being reported not confirmed. the state department has not confirmed anything, at this point. most of the information is coming out of the national transitional council in libya. here's the latest reuters and al-jazeera are reporting this, that ousted libyan leader muammar gadhafi has been captured andÑ yç wounded and he hase$r>d ofrrkt his injuries tht is the latest report coming in, not confirmed but reported by multiple agencies. that he has died. back this up to not even 30, 40 minutes ago when we learned that the nts, -- ntc, the transitional council had taken control of sirte, that is gadhafi's hometown. some reports say they found him there hiding in a hole. another report says he was trying to flee in a convey that nato
minutes. >>> hope you had a great weekend it is 6:00, thank you for starting your day with us. i'm kristen sze. >>> i am eric thomas. the death toll continues to rise following a quake that struck turkey. all night hundreds have been digging through the rubble with their bear hands trying to find survivors. -- with their bare hands trying to find survivors. >>> we are learning more about this morning's rescue in which a man called for help with his cell phone he was buried with three others under a collapsed six story building. two of those people are children. the man suffered a leg injure rifle. this is 20 hours after the earthquake -- hit. there are still silver lining moments. this video was taken inside an apartment when the 7.2 quake hit. you can see how easily the big furniture comes falling over. outside entire buildings collapsed. an eastern city near the iranian border hardest hit, 80 buildings crumbled there. 270 people ever confirmed dead. that number could rise. survivors are being trented -- are being treated in tents. more than 1,000 are said to be injure. more than 100 afte
of their home turned into a lake overnight, courtesy of the rain. good wednesday morning thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. you heard first on abc7 news an angry employ highway opened fire at a cupertino quarry this morning may be on the loose with his weapons. >> there are fatalities -- fatalities and numerous injuries. terry mcsweeney is live near the scene. >> reporter: i'm here at stevens creek and foothill. the shooting took place at the quarry. we have confirmation from the sheriff's that two people are dead, four are badly wounded, most if not all in critical condition as a result. you can see the scene the police have stevens creek boulevard blocked off on the road that leads up to the you see what appears to be a -- s.w.a.t. team pulling in to deal with the situation. which is apparently still unfolding. we have unconfirmed reports that the gunman is still inside that quarry. he is making threats that he is not done yet. we have police out here on the scene, two dead and four wounded. it took place during a company meeting at the quarry. what the meeting was
will be following that protest in downtown fran san . -- in downtown san francisco. >>> thank you for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. oakland is go to begin looking for its fourth police chief in seven years. the current chief anthony batts came from long beach two years ago with high hopes and a sterling reputation. now he's walking away. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland with the story. >> reporter: when chief batts made at innocencement yesterday he's stepping down next month -- he said red tape is leading to him walking out the door. he made the announcement saying how frustrated he was allowed to do his job. earlier this year there was a major indication of his dissatisfaction when he applied for the chief's job in san jose. >>> no chief wants to be in a position where he or she has been held accountable but does not have the power to make an impact. i have a crime-related problem in the community, i have to be able to move resources. there's laws within oakland now that says i cannot touch 75 officers. >> reporter: last week the chief's request for measures to deal with oakl
.m.. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. kristen is off today. >> more cops on campus at a high school. school officials are not sure the threat is the real deal but taking no chances. katie marzullo is live at alhambra high with more. >> reporter: obviously, it is quiet now h this is shaping up to be a very nontypical day for alhambra high students. police are going to be on campus today. according to the con that costa times a blood drive has been postponed -- scheduled for today. while there are no games here on campus today the teams are going to board buses for the away games under police guard many wednesday an e-mail was sent to a district employee. they believe that employee just to be a random resip kwrebt -- recipient. it said something bad could happen. police are stressing at this point, there is nothing to lend any credibility to this threat. they are focusing on searching for the source of that e-mail, trying to find out where it originated. the district and the school have decided to keep the school open. parents have been notified it will be up to them whether or not th
for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> deadline for donations to keep that school alive. i'm eric thomas thanks for joining us. >> out of central illinois major train derailment and fire has forced evacuation of 800 residents. these are live pictures interest the scene. tank cars full of ethanol exploded creating a witch's brew of fire and hazardous smoke many more cars derailed at 2:00 this morning central time. authorities say the wreckage extents for a quarter mile near a housing division. this town is 115 miles west of chicago in northern illinois. no estimate on when this fire will be put out. >>> new details painting a more violent picture of the cupertino gunman who killed three co-workers in a shooting rampage. new video showing him toting weapons in a residential neighbor hood before authorities shot him dead. terry mcsweeney is in the neighborhood where the threatened yesterday. >> reporter: there were many many layers to shareef allman. some peaceful some violent. the last violent image we have of him comes from these surveillance cameras at this arco half a mile or so from where he
morning. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. there could be major i gridlock this morning as occupy wall street protesters take their demonstration mobile. amy hollyfield is live in front of the federal building in san francisco. >> reporter: right now they are sleeping. they are definitely talking about taking to the streets later this morning. behind me you can see them on market street most ever an sleep. -- most of them are asleep. they are comfortable and say they are not leaving any time soon. we are in front of the hyatt hotel. they've set up a little food area. the demonstrators say they are getting three meals a day. they say police are being accommodating. they are feeling good about their mission. they are upset about the foreclosures happening in this country and unemployment rate and they blame a lot on what they call corporate greed. >> people have told me they will not leave until they get what they want, answers, fairness, the economy changes. whatever it is, everybody has their different goals. >> reporter: this started in new york as occupy w
us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze. our top story, another victory for occupy protesters in oakland. today they expect to get back something police confiscated last week. the occupiers plan to flex their muscle wednesday with an event that could have significant economic impact. amy hollyfield is live at frank ogawa plaza with the latest. >> reporter: it seems like city hall is meeting protesters in the middle on a few issues. especially this one. look at tent city. it looks almost like it did before police clear it out a week ago. the mayor has said she going to assess it on a daily basis. she thinks dismantling it will cause more violence. protesters have been planning. calling for a general strike wednesday. they've asked city official to return their medical supplies. a spokeswoman for the mayor says they will give them back. the group organized a march saturday, mostly peaceful. protesters say they refuse to let last week's confrontation with police weaken their will. >> i think the movement has a lot of momentum. they didn't realize that. there was a groundswell of
. you better avoid it. 6:01. all details coming up. thanks for joining us, i'm is. >>> i'm eric thomas. you can drive on it yet. but the final piece to the new about will be lowered into place later today completes the largest structure of its kind on any bridge in the world. amy hollyfield is live at the bay bridge with more on the story. amy, it weighs in at a slim trim two million pounds. >> reporter: yeah, no big deal, right? they can handle that they are definitely going to be completing a huge milestone today. if you are driving across the bridge between 9:00 and 10:00 you might catch a glimpse of it lived up on the crane. we can see the gap where this piece is going to be put in place. that's where they will be filling in. this is when san francisco and oakland connect today when that gap is filled in. the new piece is not the biggest one they've dealt with but the heaviest. it weighs two million pounds. it is the 28th piece they've handled. since it the -- it is the last one it has to fit perfectly. caltrans officials say the mood at the office today is celebratory especially t
accident. >> thank you for join us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. not a good start in north san jose. major intersection closed because of a fatal accident involving an a light rail and pedestrian. >>> this is the intersection of north first and east trim bull in san jose, intersection closed no delays on the vta train that was cleared up. bta is on time that intersection is closed north first between bonaventure and component. alternate would be the montague expressway for zanker road. they expect the intersection to be reopened at 5:30 this morning. >> we'll check back with you on that >>> dozens of protesters waking up in oakland this morning after hundreds turned the city into the latest bay area epicenter for protesting economic inequality in the u.s.. amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: they are digging in. not only are they sleeping in the rain. they are eating too. that's a food tent back there. they've got donated meals. there's beef stew and chicken and they say even those of you who aren't out here, they believe you still have make a difference. occupy oakland kicked
donner summit details in a little bit. >>> thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. police agencies throughout the bay area are on the lookout for a man accused in a deadly shooting rampage in cupertino yesterday. we are learning frightening new details about the attack that killed three and wounded seven more. terry mcsweeney is live at the sheriff's department in san jose. terry, the suspect was heavily armed. >> reporter: he was heavily armed and he left some weapons behind. they still consider him heavily armed, very concerned about the safety of the people in the cupertino, sunny veil, anywhere in santa clara county. i was talking to a deputy, the search continues, they are following leads. so far, no sign of shareef allman. take a look at the location where he was last seen. this is homestead and tantau, that is where he tried to carjack a woman's car. she refused and he shot her. she has nonlife-threatening injuries. all day search in that area ended this evening. nothing turned up. this began at the lehigh southwest cement plan on stevens creek boulevard in
:01 on this tuesday thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas this morning oakland has ginned the nationwide movement challenging corporate greed and u.s. economic policies. occupy oakland first ladying in the footsteps of the original wall street protest. amy hollyfield is live near oakland city hall where they seem to be packing in for the long haul. >> reporter: yeah, occupy oakland is serious about occupying oakland. look at the little tent city behind us in front of city hall. there's a food tent, they are brewing coffee there now. they have breakfast breads for people gearing up for a busy day. at one point, at its peak yesterday afternoon they estimate there were about 500 people here this is part of the occupy wall street movement that started two weeks ago and is spreading across the country. demonstrators are upset about the profits that corporations enjoy while many in the middle class struggle to find jobs. they do think this demonstration is necessary now in order to save the future. >> basically, if we don't fight now this is how we'll be living leave it up to th
:00 on this monday hope you had a great weekend thank you for starting your week with us, i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. >> seven candidates for mayor of san francisco are calling for state and federal officials to monitor the vote. this request comes after witnesses accused supporters of mayor lee of filling out absentee ballots for some voters. amy hollyfield is live at city hall with more. >> reporter: good morning. seven candidates aren't the only ones who are upset about this. mayor ed lee himself says he supports an investigation. he thinks one should be launched. here's some of the video of the questionable behavior that has concerned some candidates. it appears members of the group completing ballots for voters and preventing voters from marking their own ballots for other mayoral candidates. some of those candidates have asked the u.s. attorney's office and the california secretary of state, to investigate. >> i think the videos speak for themselves. there are folks who are wearing shirts that were identifying who they were with engaged in what appeared to be potential voter frau
for joining us i'm eric thomas. >>> and i'm kristen sze san jose police will hold a news conference to answer questions on the sixth shooting this year involving officers. they killed a suspect sunday. some are blaming the recent surge in police pulling their guns on budget cuts. terry mcsweeney is live at the police department. >> reporter: the chief is going to be meeting with the media today about 11:00 talking about the cases the shootings, sixth year involving san jose police officers. also promising new information on the cases. take a look at the most recent shooting this is the one that happened sunday at the parkside terrace apartment complex. the sixth police shooting this year. three have been deadly. not known if the suspect was armed in the recent shooting. seven police shootings total over the past two years. this is the worst year since 2004. the police auditor who checks to see if procedure was followed in shootings, says there has been only one citizen complaint so far in 2011. >> it is very upsetting to know that people -- anyone has been killed and so many this year. >> rep
on there. >> we'll be waiting to find out. 6:01 on this thursday thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. continued manhunt for a cement plan worker accused of a mass deadly workplace shooting. authorities have shifted away from a sunnyvale neighborhood. terry mcsweeney is live at the sheriff department's command center. >> reporter: law enforcement officials are on the 4th floor trying to map out where they go at daybreak when the ground search begins again. despite having choppers up all night with thermal images and yesterday's all day search no sign of shareef allman. take a look at the location in sunnyvale where he was at homestead and tantau yesterday morning 7:00 when he shot a woman in a failed carjacking. police and s.w.a.t. teams were unable to find him. witnesses say it again 4:30 yesterday morning in the cement plan in cupertino. allman walked into a meeting say something to the effect you want to mess with me and opened fire with an assault rifle and handgun. at 7:00 he was in the parking lot where he shot the woman. all day search turned up nothing.
for joining us i'm kristen sze. >>> i'm eric thomas. a man could walk out of a south bay hospital this morning two days and two millimeters from a watery death. he was bitten by a shark while surfing. katie marzullo is live at san jose regional. he may be ready to talk to the media this morning >> reporter: we are hoping. he said he would when he was released. he could be released today this is my favorite quote one of the surgeons seder rick tarantino is one of the luckiest unlucky people there is. no kidding he not only survived the shark attack but he could be home with nonlife-threatening injuries not 48 hours later. this happened saturday morning when tarantino was surfing at marina state beach in monterey county. the shack attacked and bit him on the neck and just narrowly missing his jugular vein and his carotid artery. he was also hit on his forearm and his surf board took a hit 19 inch piece missing from that. his friend said in all his years of surfing he had never seen a shark. tarantino alerted him to the fact there was one in the water where they were that morning. >> wave came a
morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. occupy oakland demonstrators are calling for a general strike on wednesday and the city's teachers say they will take part. that's the latest development in the protests that included a march last night. during the march they squared off with police to protest last tuesday's use of force by police. this time the confrontation did not escalate into violence. however, a splinter group broke away from the main march and began spray painting anti-police slogans on building walls. they also broke parking meters and shattered a front window of a recruiting station. >> reporter: the crowd that numbered close to 1,000 people gathered. before a march they held an open make that they called a speak out on police brutality. she has been from occupy oakland from the start. >> people are talking about the experiences they have had for years living in this city and dealing with the brutality that comes from the police. >> a couple dozen people shared their exper
. >>> more traffic news. it is disturbing for drivers who use one of the bay area's many bridges, hundreds of thousands are doing now. we are second in the nation when it comes to bridges with structural deficiencies. terry mcsweeney is live at the richmond san rafael bridge on the marin county side with more. >>reporter: the report comes to us this morning for a group called transportation for america. it is saying approximately one out of every five bridges and overpasses in the bay area is structural deficient. and repair is threatened by cuts to federal transportation funding. take a look at video we have of the richmond san rafael bridge one of 380 bridges or overpasses listed in in -- in this report. deficiency doesn't moon the bridge is about to come down. it means work or increased inspections are needed. the carquinez bridge also in need of repairs in the case of the carquinez and richmond san rafael the repair would be paving. transportation for america says the government should fix what we have before starting any new projects. this report comes as senator boxer is putting toge
to demonstrate against police attempts to remove them. amy hollyfield joins us live with the latest. the mayor may face tough questions about the protest today. >> reporter: the supervisors want to know how can this tip to exist and have a harmonious city. they are not supposed to be here city law says parks are closed from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.. police promised to move them out overnight, but it didn't happen. there are a couple of police officers here, they are just watching over the camp. they say those were their orders. they don't know why, that was the order that came from the top. the occupy sf movement is taking this as a positive sign for the future of their movement and for their message. >> someone was talking this today at the circle they said they want infinite possibilities. i think that's what i want. i want there to be infinite possibilities for everyone. right now with the system we are living in it is very constraining. we need to rework the system and open it back up again to include a community again. >> reporter: that's what they are fighting for this was the scene sunday nigh
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